Marshall: GOP’s Senate majority at stake

Greg Mast
Rep. Roger Marshall, U.S. Senate candidate, makes a campaign stop in Ottawa this past week. Marshall met with voters and visited the local co-op.

Kansas Republicans have an important race to decide in the primary, said U.S. Senate candidate Roger Marshall.

The race is key to keeping the Republican majority in the Senate.

“We can’t afford to lose the Senate majority,” said Marshall, an incumbent in the U.S. House. “Right now the Senate majority is at risk. We only have a three-person majority and it is going to be tight for six or seven Republican senators. If we lose Kansas, we will lose the Senate majority.”

Marshall and Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state, are the frontrunners in a crowded primary.

“It has always been a two-person race,” Marshall said. “The central issue here is we can’t afford to send a failed candidate, who failed President Trump twice now. More recently, the president spoke that he was embarrassed by the fake wall Kris Kobach built that is falling apart.”

Marshall said he is the best candidate to win in November and keep the seat Republican.

“All polling shows we would win the general election by 10 or 11 points,” Marshall said. “Kris Kobach would lose it.”

Marshall said Kansans need leadership in Washington to fight for all Kansans.

“This fall, what people are looking for is which one of these candidates stood tall and helped us through this coronavirus,” he said. “Both our health and economically. Going forward, which one of these candidates is going to help us recover, rebuild this economy, get our jobs back and keep us healthy. As a doctor and senator, God has put me here at this time in life to make sure I stand tall in life to make sure I lead this state back to success and prosperity.”

Marshall, who currently serves as the House representative in Kansas’ 1st Congressional District, said he wants to curb Democrats’ agenda.

“One of the reasons why I am running for Senate is to stop the left socialist agenda,” he said. “This week their agenda is to defund the police. The concept of defunding the police is an alien thought to me. We need to give the police more training, more help and fund more of them.”

Marshall supports building the U.S.-Mexico border wall, immigration reform, working for Kansas farmers and improving health care.

“I am the only one in this group of folks qualified to be on the Senate ag committee,” he said. “I am the only candidate in this group that can sort heifers and steers. I have military experience, ran a private practice in medicine, helped run a hospital, I understand business as well. Three years of experience in the House will be invaluable when writing the next Farm Bill.”

The Kansas economy is tied to agriculture, Marshall said.

“Agriculture is 40% of the Kansas economy,” Marshall said. “As agriculture goes, so goes Kansas. Trade is so important. We renegotiated 55% of the ag export market. We have the other 45% to go. The challenge has been just as the China trade agreement was kicking in, the Japanese trade agreement was kicking in, UMCA trade agreement, the COVID hit. That took the wind beneath our wings out. We are coming back. Agriculture did not miss a day of work. We have the products out there. Yesterday China made their biggest purchase of corn ever in a single day. They are purchasing a lot of soybeans. We have milo going that way.”

Kansans are concerned about what the future holds, Marshall said.

“The biggest concern of today is what our new normal looks like, what is next,” Marshall said. “They want some certainty. They want to know how we can safely get our kids back to school and safely can we get our businesses open again. They are looking for this message of hope and leadership. That is what I bring to the table as a doctor as well as a member of Congress and future senator.

“What I bring is a calm message of hope with hands on the steering as both a doctor and a senator bringing message of hope. Helping us guide us through this next step so we can get this strong economy back again.”

Marshall said he prays for Kansans every day.

“My prayer every morning is I am a message of hope to everybody I meet and have this positive attitude,” he said. “This country has been through tough times before and we are in a tough time now as well. I have no doubt if we stick together as communities we can solve this problem and grow an even stronger economy. We have to work together to solve the problems.”

Marshall reiterated how important it is to keep the Senate majority.

“If you think life, the Second Amendment are important, that is why we need to keep the Senate majority,” he said. “We need to fix both the immigration system and secure the border. We can do both. Unfortunately (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi does not want to solve it. I see solutions, but Nancy Pelosi does not want to fix them. The speaker and the president have something going on here that we can’t seem to get past.”