Giant balloon appears in Williamsburg

The Herald Staff
The red, white and blue RE/MAX hot air balloon made an appearance at Williamsburg Elementary this past week.

WILLIAMSBURG — Sharon Hubbard, broker of RE/MAX Connections, likes to arrange special events involving a large hot air balloon for elementary schools each year in Franklin County.

On Tuesday, October 20, she unveiled a seven-story hot air balloon to Williamsburg Elementary students. The red, white and blue RE/MAX hot air balloon illustrates the principles of thermodynamics, Hubbard said.

“The balloon pilot is a skilled aviator, but is also a great entertainer and educator,” Hubbard said. “He’ll gather the kids around to demonstrate the mechanisms that launch and navigate the balloon, as well as a brief history of mankind’s progress in achieving powered flight.”

RE/MAX has the world’s largest fleet of hot air balloons, scheduling appearances at community events, office openings and educational activities across the globe.

Williamsburg Elementary is part of the USD 287 West Franklin school district south of Ottawa in Eastern Kansas.