Walmart DC awards grant to sheriff foundation

By The Herald Staff

Walmart Distribution Center and the Franklin County Sheriff Foundation has formed a partnership through the years.

The sheriff’s foundation recently received a Walmart community grant.

Walmart distribution has been more than generous to the support of the foundation, foundation board members said.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Foundation members are Undersheriff Rick Geist, Candie Campbell, Kyle Peine, Sheriff Jeff Richards, Katie Smith, Brian Miller, Frank Postlewait, Craig Burke and Kevin James. Members not pictured are Laura Dryden, Tom Horstick and Ginny Vega.

The sheriff’s foundation’s purpose is to support the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. The main emphasis are the canine program, citizen’s academy, scholarship opportunities for county high school seniors going into a law enforcement career and supporting educational/training opportunities for sheriff’s department employees.

The Walmart Distribution Center has been a donor to various programs and organizations in the county. In the past, Walmart has supported the Central Heights Honor Flight.