Sen. Caryn Tyson: Senate approves bill to change vaccine priority

Sen. Caryn Tyson|Legislative Update

Vaccine Rollout Concerns

Senate Resolution (SR) 1707 calls on the governor to change her phased rollout plan of the COVID-19 vaccines.It sends a strong message that convicted criminals should not be placed before other Kansans who need the vaccine. It is misguided that the Governor has placed criminals such as the Carr brothers (convicted of horrific murders) at a higher priority than our parents and grandparents. As with most legislation or resolutions, there are a couple of items that could have been left out – most notably the 10 frameable copies to the carrier of the resolution. The resolution passed on a bipartisan vote of 28 to 8. I voted yes. A member of the minority party attempted to bring the presidential election into the debate but those efforts were thwarted because it was not germane to the resolution.


Energy Choice

Senate Bill (SB) 24 would create the Kansas Energy Choice Act restricting governments from blocking the use of natural gas for utilities. In California a city government attempted to stop the use of natural gas for utilities. Because of this, some thought it was important to make clear that will not happen in Kansas. The bill passed 28 to 10.  I voted yes. 

Economic Recovery

SB 15 is another attempt to pass legislation the governor vetoed last year. The bill would allow the state treasurer to administer a loan program to small businesses via local banks using unencumbered state funds. The program would be capped at $60 million. The bill would also reduce restrictions on credit unions allowing them to increase their membership. Lastly, the bill would provide a tax deduction for agriculture land and real estate purchases similar to what credit unions have. It’s an attempt to level the playing field. The tax advantage that credit unions enjoy is a federal tax break and because we cannot change federal law, this bill was introduced. The bill provides a state tax deduction to Kansas banks  and savings and loans that is similar to the tax break enjoyed by some credit unions on agriculture land purchases. SB 15 passed 39 to 0.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.