Legislature eyes opportunity to override governor's vetoes

Sen. Caryn Tyson|Legislative Update

The governor vetoed a number of bills. Several of these were good bills that needed to pass into law. There will be an attempt to override the vetoes during Veto-Session, which starts Monday. A list of vetoed bills should be posted at


Fairness in Women’s Sports

The governor vetoed SB 55 that would have limited competition in women’s sports to biological females. The Governor’s veto entitles transgender athletes at the expense of biological female athletes. 


How can a talented high school woman athlete get a college scholarship competing against biological males? The Governor said this bill, “would harm our ability to attract and retain businesses.” Let’s be clear, she is talking about out-of-state multi-national corporations trying to force state policy that goes against Kansas values. The Governor is cowering to them.  The legislature will try to override this veto but the votes will be close.       

Protecting Elections

The governor vetoed two election bills (HB 2183 and HB2332) that would strengthen the integrity of Kansas elections. One of her excuses was, “hundreds of major companies across the nation have made it abundantly clear that this kind of legislation is wrong.” Who does she represent? Definitely not Kansans when she is more worried about national corporations instead of the accuracy of Kansas elections. Our governor is talking the national Democrat propaganda, instead representing Kansas. We will have the votes for a veto override on both of the bills if no legislator changes their vote.

Second Amendment

The governor vetoed two 2nd Amendment bills. HB 2089 would allow local school boards options to offer gun safety education. HB 2058 would lower the minimum age to conceal carry in Kansas  from 21 to 18 years old. It also establishes reciprocity for persons 18 to  20 years of age that hold a concealed carry permit from another state. Can you believe the veto override will be more difficult on the firearm education bill, HB 2089? The Senate and House should have the votes on HB 2058. The House needs 5 Representatives to change their vote on HB 2089 to override the governor’s veto.  

Basic Civics and Finance Education

The governor vetoed HB 2039, requiring students pass an exam with 60 questions from the naturalization tests administered by the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services. It would enlighten our students on American civics. t would also require students in grades 10, 11, or 12 to pass a personal financial literacy course in order to graduate. The bar for a veto override will be higher on this bill – the bill passed with 25 yes and 13 no votes in the Senate and 72 to 51 in the House. The Senate needs 27 votes and the House 84 votes for a veto override. Hopefully, legislators who voted No will realize how important it is that students have basic civics and financial knowledge.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.