Editorial: Mann, Marshall sending mixed signals

The Editorial Advisory Board
Tracey Mann

There’s some mixed signals coming from our newly elected national delegation.

Sen.-elect Roger Marshall claimed victory over Barbara Bollier on Nov. 3. On Nov. 4, his Facebook page thanked those who voted. On Nov. 6, the Republican was rallying against election fraud.

“Every LEGAL vote should be counted. And it should not be hard.,” he wrote. “Transparency should not be hard. Doing those two things at the same time should not be hard. And it’s necessary in earning the American people’s trust.”

Tracey Mann, the congressman-elect for Kansas’ 1st district and a fellow Republican, also claimed victory on Nov. 3. He later echoed Marshall’s sentiment, also on Nov. 6 on Facebook, saying, “Every legally cast vote needs to be counted and not a single illegally cast vote should be.” Mann asked his constituents to consider donating to President Trump’s recount fund.

Both men are upset their party’s leader lost his bid for re-election. Both men claim mass voter fraud in the election. Both men claimed victory in their races.

So which is it? Were the elections rigged or fairly fought? You’re sending us mixed messages, and that’s not OK. Both men were on the ballots alongside President Trump. They happened to win, but Trump has clearly lost. Clearly. Election officials have made that abundantly clear.

It’s time Republicans admit this to be the reality of the situation. The country can’t move forward unless we do. It’s time we as a nation and we as Kansans reject this false narrative of “Count every legal vote.”

This is beyond political sour grapes. It hurts the rightful transition of power and undermines our democracy.

Frankly we’re embarrassed that two members of the Kansas delegation would be so brazen. To make matters worse, another Kansan Mike Pompeo, the current U.S. secretary of state is making similar claims.

It should be noted that neither Ron Estes nor Sharice Davids made such claims of widespread voter fraud on their social media channels.

Kansas is known for being a state of common sense. Kansans pride ourselves on our ability to tell it like it is. Marshall, Mann and Pompeo aren’t doing that. They’re spreading disinformation and hurting civil discourse by their actions. It’s unbecoming of their respective offices. We as Kansans deserve better.

We know that losing can be hard. We know that our current president has a penchant for breaking with tradition, but we in Kansas believe in plain talk.

So if Marshall and Mann choose to claim victory in their elections, we think it’s only fair they keep their comments about voter fraud to themselves. You just look bad otherwise.

Marshall and Mann, for the love of all things Kansas, either respect the outcome and the democratic process or keep it to yourself.

Roger Marshall