Social media: What readers are saying

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Topeka Capital-Journal

Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Ottawa Herald Facebook: Kansas passes 1,000 COVID-19 deaths

Jessica Reddy Zeck: Well, when the Gov tried to let the counties do the right thing, and most didn't (like Franklin County), this is what happens. People have "Covid Fatigue" and they are going to bars, hanging out unmasked with people they dont live with, not social distancing etc. This osnt going away anytime soon unless people start taking necessary precautions

Kevin D. Evans (Jessica Reddy Zeck): the ONLY reason covid isn’t going away is because they don’t want it going away yet. They have been lying lying and lying some more about this whole thing, it isn’t serious at all. Those people didn’t die “from” covid but “with” covid.

Jessica Reddy Zeck (Kevin D. Evans): hmm...I know people who lost healthy loved ones FROM Covid. Healthy, no underlying issues, got Covid, died. If I have high blood pressure and diabetes and I get into a car wreck and die, I didn't die WITH the accident, I died FROM it.

Branden L Clark (Kevin D. Evans): it will go away not long after the election

Daniel Morgan: 3000+ Kansans die every year to the flu/viral Pneumonia. Why are we just now putting the flags at half staff for virus victims when we are at 1/3 of the norm??

Tracy Waage: 2.913 million people in Kansas

Slevin Reed: It's bad to lose someone but 1000 people from kansas is less than .035%

Hays Daily News Facebook: Governor, GOP legislators agree special session not answer on mask mandate

Judith Benson: Vultures they could at least try. I'm telling you if this isn't nipped We will have Democrats Every one is tired of the nit picking you could get over yourselves

Kendra Stukey: Finally some common sense!

Anthony Spomer: Finally they said no to her!

Liz McConnell (Anthony Spomer): and the cases keep rising.

Jean Ludvigsen Binder (Anthony Spomer): She already had a mask mandate and they got all pouty about it, interfered with it and illness soared. This was their compromise.

Amber McLain (Liz McConnell): well then explain how covids still getting into nsg homes when we all wear masks, and face shields...no visitors allowed either and had two new cases just recently

Robert Tilford: Foolish...

Leavenworth Times Facebook: Kansas reaching new highs in wildfire, crop damage likelihood

Charlsey Filbert: Well the prairie is supposed to burn every few years... lots of ecosystems evolved to do this. But humans this we know best and built our houses in these areas then we cry about it when nature does what nature is supposed to do... build your house in a flood plain it’ll protect it from fires

Jim Magee: Look out global warming

Ralph Rodgers (Jim Magee): climate shift mostly, but that's true. I've seen it and felt it over 30 years working with nature. Or hardiness zone is further south now and plants grow here that didn't before.

Topeka Capital-Journal: Nuring home outbreaks stem from longstanding issues, advocates say

Krista Blevins-Kruggel: My mother tested positive in one of the nursing facilities in town and according to her not all staff wear their masks accordingly when in patients room. This was addressed with administration but highly concerning as these residents count on the people caring for them to take those needed and required precautions.

Barbara Standish-Moe: Not surprising. I will start off by saying that there are good, wonderful and caring people who work in these places. However, my mother was in one of these facilities for many years and cared for by some disgusting human beings who should have chosen a different route to make a paycheck!!!

Chuck Arnold: People with no visits from family and dying alone. I'll keep my loved ones home as long as possible.