Police investigate incident involving gun in downtown Ottawa

The Herald Staff
Ottawa police officers and detectives gather in front of the Courthouse Square Apartment entrance as they investigate a call that involved a firearm. Police officials expect to release more information when it becomes available. [PHOTO BY GREG MAST/THE OTTAWA HERALD].

The Ottawa Police Department was on scene Thursday morning of an incident involving a gun.

Officers were dispatched to the Courthouse Square Apartments, 235 S. Main St., and blocked off the 100 block of E. Third Street in downtown Ottawa.

“The call did involve a firearm, but it did not involve any law enforcement officers,” Ottawa Police Chief Adam Weingartner said. “Until we can investigate a little further, we won’t be able to release any information.

“There is no threat to the community.”

Weingartner said he could not disclose if any shots were fired. He said the department would release more details once they become available.

Police put up crime tape around the entrance to the complex and blocked off Third Street between Main and Hickory.

Weingartner said officers would open up Third Street later in the afternoon.