Cyclones search for more shots on goal

Greg Mast
Ottawa High School senior Matthew Powell attempts to get past a Baldwin defender to set up the offense Tuesday in a 2-1 loss to the Bulldogs. [PHOTO BY GREG MAST/THE OTTAWA HERALD].

The Ottawa High School boys soccer team is looking for more openings to get off clean shots at opposing keepers.

The Cyclones have been inconsistent in their goal scoring this season.

“We have one [match] where we score 10 goals,” Ottawa coach Roland Jaworski said. “We scored two goals the last two games. We have to finish our shots and get the ball in the back of the net.”

Ottawa lost its second straight match Tuesday with a 2-1 loss to Baldwin. The Bulldogs took advantage of an opening with just a little over two minute remaining to score the winning goal.

“It was a close game,” Jaworski said. “Close don’t count. I told them ‘they played the ball well.’ They passed it well, but that only gets you so far. We did not get enough shots. Their defense clogged the middle and made it hard to get a clean shot off. We did not do a very good to open up space to have shots. That is tactfully what we are working on.”

The Ottawa defense kept Baldwin’s offense quiet by shutting down counter runs.

“We were standing them up,” Jaworski said. “It was packed up in the back pretty good. They have been playing really well together.”

Jaworski wants to see the Cyclones play stronger with the ball and when going after 50-50 balls.

“We are still getting knocked off way too many balls, especially in the attacking third and middle third,” he said. “We are not stepping to the ball.”

The coach likes how the team can switch up tactfully on the run during matches.

“We had a game plan at the beginning,” Jaworski said. “It seemed to work, but it was not opening up the defense I was hoping for. So I switched it around. They did a good job as a team following tactics. I am glad we can do that.”

Ottawa (3-3) plays Thursday at Louisburg.

Ottawa High School senior Aaron Campbell serves the ball up field against Baldwin. [PHOTO BY GREG MAST/THE OTTAWA HERALD].