Determination trait big part of Viking runners' success

Greg Mast
The Ottawa Herald

The Central Heights cross country runners have a determined feel about them. The Vikings displayed that trait Thursday at Lyndon.

“Another hot start and another great finish for a bunch of our runners,” Central Heights coach Troy Prosser said. The 17 more personal bests tells a big part of the story, but the amount of fight and determination that is coming through these kids is continuing to push them through to the medals and toward next week’s meet at Wellsville.”

Central Heights freshman Connor Burkdoll set a personal best while taking fourth leading the Vikings to fourth out of a field of nearly 20 teams.

The girls squad was a close runner-up in the team standings.

“The second-place finish as a team is also a great accomplishment considering it was only three points and we were down two runners, but all five girls did a great job fighting for every spot,” Prosser said. “Taryn [Compton] once again lead the varsity girls was closely followed by a solid group of three with Emma [Cubit] bringing two more teammates with her to a close finish in only her second full race in high school.”

The boys were paced by three freshmen finishing in the top 13. The boys were fourth as a team.

“The freshmen trio of Connor [Burkdoll] , Cody [Hammond] and Owen [Miller] is showing a lot of promise and that they are finishing in the medals at this early of a stage means the future could be pretty bright for them,” Prosser said.

The Central Heights middle school runners continue to shine and they are the building blocks of the high school program.

“A lot of credit needs to go to the middle school runners,” Proser said. “They never get as much coverage or the headlines in the papers, but they put in a lot of miles and the volume of work and energy they burn through is on par with their high school counterparts. The Dunbar twins (Aydan and Arabella) along with Hunter Johnson and Aidan Howland have been great leaders for the rest of the underclassmen and having Josiah, Lily, Landry and Grace all medal as sixth graders in the seventh grade race is really special. It’s a long season and we’ve only begun, but this group will continue to push themselves to the limits for each other.”

Varsity Girls 5K

3rd - Taryn Compton (SR) 22:51

5th - Emma Cubit (SO) 23:10 PR

6th - Melaney Chrisjohn (FR) 23:12 PR

7th - Lily Meyer (SR) 23:51

45 - Lilie Johnson (JR) - 34:43 PR

Girls Team - 2nd Place

Varsity Boys 5K 

4th - Connor Burkdoll (FR) 18:04 PR

10th - Cody Hammond (FR) 19:02 PR

13th - Owen Miller (FR) 19:16 PR

24th - Nicholas Schultze (JR) 20:08

29th - Christian McCord (FR) 21:08 PR

48th - Alex Skeet (SO) 25:25

Boys Team - 4th Place

8th Grade Boys 2 Mile

3rd - Aydan Dunbar 13:36

7th - Aidan Howland 13:58 PR

8th Grade Girls 2 Mile

10th - Arabella Dunbar 18:03

7th Grade Boys 2 Mile

3rd - Hunter Johnson 14:03

10th - Josiah Meyer 15:23 PR

14th - Presten Holstine 16:35 PR

15th - Mathew Dunbar 16:45 PR

16th - Caleb Detwiler 16:59 PR

17th - Benjamin Wuertz 16:56 PR

28th - Cash Miller 18:47

Boys Team - 1st Place

7th Grade Girls 2 Mile

3rd - Lilly Burkdoll 15:16 PR

9th - Landry Sparks 17:25 PR

10th - Grace Tooley 17:35 PR

13th - Caitlynn Detwiler 17:59 PR